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SWT-VIB switch mechanical characteristic tester
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The product is the latest launch of our company a portable switch mechanical characteristics tester in 2017, the product inherited the previous generation V-type machine on the basis of all the test function using the latest technology "data acquisition module + output control module + display module" Of the hardware architecture, application μcos real-time operating system interface, the system responds quickly, than windows-based system has a better operating experience.

    All the core components developed by experts. Data acquisition module used our company's independent research and development of multi-functional high-precision data acquisition card. The output control uses our company to obtain national patented non-contact switching devices, the device has over-voltage, over-current protection, making the output is high-speed, reliable and strong. Display module with 8-inch true color LCD touch LCD display; software control the whole test process and save, query test data; user interface using the screen button, easy to touch; user experience more smooth and comfortable.

 Voltage regulating tolerance during testing: <1% (full scale)

 Timemeasuring range  : 0 ~ 40000ms     Time Resolution: 0.033 ms

 Speed measuring range: 0 ~ 20 m/s         Resolution:0.01m/s

 Travel measuring range: 0 ~ 9999mm     Resolution:0.01mm 

  Accuracy: Sensor total length / (214-1) m/s

 Coil current test range: 0 ~ 10 A (for standard product)

 Coil current waveform amplitude accuracy: ≤0.1%

 DC power output:10V~270V/10A

 Allow external power supply:(DC/AC)0V~300V/10A

 Working power supply:AC220V±10%,50Hz

 Working condition: Ambient temperature:-10 ~ 50 , humidity range <85%


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