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Resistance Tester

CR-ⅢB tester accords with GB/T11022-1999 and DL/T845.4, applying AC depressurization method to measure the contact resistance and circuit resistance of the hi-voltage switchgear. The advanced HF on-off power supply provides above 100A AC measure current for the tester. The Micro-computer makes the measure procedure automatic by switching on the power supply and pressing the measure button, processing the data and digital-filtering to guarantee the measurement precision. The value of the circuit current and circuit resistance of the tested object shall be displayed and print out. The tester has the powerful capacity of anti-jamming, and the measurement result shall not change with the measure current. CR-ⅢB  with a on-line self-inspection function. If the clients doubt the measure result or the tester itself during the measurement operation, the tester can inspect itself by pressing the self-inspection button without changing any wire connections. If the measured data is same as the self-inspection data which means the tester is fine.

Surrounding temperature: room temperature;
Relative humidity: <85%;
Measuring scope: 0----4000μΩ;
Displaying method: current, resistance are displayed in 4 numerals;
Min. resolving power: 0.1μΩ;
Measuring error: <1%;
Measuring current: >100A;
Power: AC 220V ± 10%  50Hz
Weight: 8.0 kg

Volume: 420 ×280×210mm







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