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Circuit Breaker Tester

SWT-VB switch mechanical characteristic tester
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SWT-VB can monitor synchronously maximum six contacts. The tester can be operated by its own keyboard and save maximum 15 PCS test results that can be printed immediately. The test curve is displayed on the LCD screen. The PC is the alternative option to take test; It can read, analyze, save and print the data of the tester. SWT-VB is the real portable apparatus, according to IEC new standards.   

Maximum output current of inner DC power supply: 10A
Relative moisture: ≤90%       

Time measurement scope:1-999ms              Resolution:0.025ms        Precision: ± (0.05%+0.025) ms

Speed measurement range: 0-20m/s             Resolution: 0.01m/s      
Travel measurement range: 0 ~9999mm        Resolution: 0.01mm          

Precision: sensor total length/65535 

Coil current measurement scope: 0~15A (standard) According to the clients demand, the measurement scope can be setup: 0~300A)

Adjustable voltage range: AC/DC0 ~300V/ 10A(remark: The external AC contactor is needed when the current value is above)   

Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

Work environment temperature: -10ºC~50ºC


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