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Circuit Breaker Tester

SWT-IIIB switch mechanical characteristic tester
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The product is based on the latest standards of IEC62271-100 R & D and production, to complete the time characteristic curve and the standard envelope of the comparison. The instrument uses the computer host computer test software to control the whole operation process and the later data management, report printing. Can be directly measured contact distance, overtaking, combined (sub) gate time, just the (sub) speed, the average speed, combined (points) current peak, bounce, different period, rebound and other data, and display fracture waveform, Stroke curve, current curve and so on. Internal comes with DC power supply, great convenience for customers to use.  The instrument comes with 50mm linear sensor and angular displacement sensor and universal measurement fixture, user-friendly field use.

Maximum output current of inner DC power supply: 10

Relative moisture: ≤90%

Time measurement scope:1ms-999ms    resolution:0.025ms    Precision : ( 0.05%±0.025) ms

Speed measurement range:0 -20m/s          resolution: 0.01m/s  
Travel measurement range: 0 -9999mm     resolution: 0.01mm   

Precision : the total length of sensor/65535    

Coil current measurement scope: 0~15A (standard) According to the clients demand, the measurement scope can be setup: 0~300A  

Adjustable voltage range: AC/DC 0V~300V/10A (remark: The external AC contactor is needed when the current value is above 10A)

Power supply: AC 220V±10%  50Hz±5Hz

Work environment temperature: -10ºC~50ºC









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