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Circuit Breaker Tester

SWT-VIIIB switch mechanical characteristic tester
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The product is developed based on our latest development in 2017 of a switch mechanical characteristics tester. On the basis of the original instrument, it increases the operation power module. Hardware of the system is highly consistent with the leading international manufacturers’ product in this field.  And because of advances in components conditions, certain parameters are with international advanced level. The basic structure is: general-purpose computer main board + data acquisition card + input signal processing module + output control. Data acquisition card is our self-developed multi-functional high-precision data acquisition card. Input signal processing module will condition and isolation 5000v isolation input signal to ensure there is no crosstalk between signals. Between all input channels, Output is controlled by the AC and DC combined output mode with reliable protection against over-voltage arisen by inductive loads to ensure high-speed, reliable and solid output. Windows 7 system software controls the entire process of data management and post-tests. Use large touch-screen operator interface, easier and intelligent to use.

 Voltage regulating tolerance during testing: <1% (full scale)

 Time   measuring range  : 0 ~ 40000ms     Time Resolution: 0.033 ms

 Speed measuring range: 0 ~ 20 m/s            Resolution:0.01m/s

 Travel measuring range: 0 ~ 9999mm       Resolution:0.01mm 

 Accuracy: Sensor total length / (214-1) m/s

 Coil current test range: 0 ~ 20 A (for standard product)

 Coil current waveform amplitude accuracy: ≤0.1%

 DC power output:10V~270V/20A

 Allow external power supply:(DC/AC)0V~300V/20A

 Working power supply:AC220V±10%,50Hz

 Working condition: Ambient temperature:-10 ~ 50 , humidity range <85%


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