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Vacuum Degree Tester

MVC vacuum bottle tester
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MVC vacuum bottle tester is designed to measure roughly the vacuum degree of vacuum arc extinguish chamber. Based on a single-chip computer as main control unit, the testing process is completely automated. This device will take samples for 2 times so as to deduct the leakage current generated due to environmental factors.   

For completely leaky vacuum arc extinguish chamber, MVC vacuum bottle tester could judge it correctly, just like cold cathode magnetron method. 

 For MVC vacuum bottle tester, without magnetic control coil, it's not need to choose curve, but measuring directly. This device is small-size, light-weight and convenient for handling and simple in operation. It is very suitable for measuring the vacuum degree of vacuum arc extinguish chamber, which is installed on the whole equipment.  
Sampling technique based on ionized charge
MVC vacuum bottle tester adopts the sampling technique based on ionized charge. When external excitation power supply, vacuum arc extinguish dimension and applied materials are fixed, vacuum degree in arc extinguish chamber and ionized charge quantity will have extremely corresponding relation, thus, it can highly improve the vacuum degree measuring correctness of vacuum arc extinguish chamber.
How to judge a vacuum arc extinguish chamber with leakage
It has a higher accuracy degree to judge a vacuum arc extinguish chamber leakage or not through the method of high-voltage breakdown.
Input protective circuit

When vacuum degree in vacuum arc extinguish chamber is very low, the chamber will be breakdown by high-voltage during measuring. The instantaneous high voltage will be added to sampling circuit at signal input terminal, which will make it undertake too strong electric surging. Thus, sampling circuit of MVC signal input terminal is equipped with a complete protective circuit. In this case, even if high-voltage surging occurs at input terminal and the device doesn't work normally temporarily, it will not damage the electric circuit. If this condition happens, restart the device.

Range: 1×10^-5 ~1×10^-1Pa         
Resolution : 10^-5Pa
Measuring error: in the range of 1×10^-4~1×10^-1 Pa, the error<10%  
Output voltage: maximum30KV
Environmental temperature: 0ºC~55ºC           
Air humidity:<85%RH
Electric breakdown during measuring the leaky arc extinguish chamber.
Power supply: AC220±l0%, 50Hz

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