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Temperature-rise Tester

GTM-III general temperature raise measuring device
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Temperature rise testing is a key step in evaluating the operational reliability of new grid components like transformers, switchgear, cables, generator, etc. Work together with high current transformers, GTM-III is used to measure switchgear each point temperature data up to 56.

GTM-III is a simple temperature data logger, which can work with any high current transformers. They are separately other. With a mini printer, you can print the data after the test.

Temperature benchmark preset in advance.

Advanced filtering algorithm to filter off various interferences, such as power &double frequency, transient;
Support thermocouple calibrating compared with the standard thermocouple.
All IEC thermocouples are supported; all temperature voltage tables are preloaded already.
Controlled by micro computer and printed the temperature rise value of each testing point and the three environment temperature.
High accuracy, error only 10uv
Sampling interval time: 0-99 minutes for-set
Small, simple, reliable and cheaper

Input:  AC 220V, 50HZ 

The  Max. Number of test measurement point 60 , 4 reserved(3-ambient temperature , 1-zero point , 56 available actually)
Voltage range :0-19.9mv
Voltage error : <0.5
Temperature resolution:0.005ºC
Sampling rate: 3points /second
Sampling interval time: 0-99m for per-set
Ambient temperature:-0ºC~+50ºC, RH=<85%






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