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Vacuum Degree Tester

VC-V vacuum degree tester
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VC-VB Vacuum Switch Vacuum Degree Tester is designed for vacuum interrupter placed in the Vacuum Circuit Breaker. Provided with flexible coil, VC-VB Vacuum Switch Vacuum Degree Tester is designed for jobsite.
Adopting technology of ionized electric charge and magnetic discharge, the instrument has a high accuracy.

1. Red diode display,  easy reading at night or sunshine. 

2. Built-in 35 standard measurement curves of vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber are available.
3. Use more simple, fast and convenient.
4. Built-in a thermal printer prints the test result as you need.
    The advantages of the VC series products as below:
1.Compared with those tester based on ac-withstand method, VC-V VDT can be quantitative measure.
2. Compared with those tester based on ionized electric charge either, VC-V VDT measures the density of ionized electric charge, not current value of ionized electric charge.
3. Initially created the sampling technique of ionization charge, which has greatly improved the veracity of VI's vacuum.
4. Twice-sampling to deduct the leakage current due to surroundings factors.
5.26KV-28KV AC Voltage is used for ionizing electric charge of VCB, for the one full air vacuum interrupter, will be breakdown.
6. PC control measuring, leakage rate calculation and forming measuring data-base. (you can choose)
7. Over Voltage protection for the instrument even if it's leakage vacuum interrupter is breakdown.

Measuring scope: 1 × 10-5 ~ 1 × 10-1 PA

Measuring discrepancy: in 1 × 10-4 ~ 1 × 10-1 Pa, error < 10%
Measuring resolving power: 10-5 PA
Electric breakdown will occur while measuring leak VI
High voltage:26KV-28KV
Magnetic control voltage:  flexible coil 350V
Permit ambient temperature: 0ºC ~ 55ºC  Humidity: < 85%RH
Power source: AC 220 ± 10% 
Size: 460×320×210mm

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