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Vacuum Degree Tester

VC-VIII vacuum degree testing system
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   In the 1990s, our senior experts on the basis of cold cathode tube magnetically controlled discharge method, proposed by measuring the discharge charge scheme to measure the vacuum interrupter vacuum. After a long period of rigorous scientific experiments, confirmed the accuracy and reliability of the program, and as a basis for the development of the VC series of vacuum tester.

    Recently, with the miniaturization and low cost  of  the  vacuum interrupter products, the shape size and material of many manufacturers 'products changed a lot. Typically, the shield cover changed from oxygen-free copper to stainless steel or other metal materials. The changing of the material resulted in the altering magnetic felid distributions near the contact during the testing. Decreased magnetic felid intensity cannot meet the testing needs, so the air cannot ionize and discharge current shows zero. The miniature vacuum interrupter has a rated opening clearance of only about 2 mm. Once loaded the high voltage as usual, the vacuum chamber will be breakdown, it is harm to the vacuum chamber easily.
     In view of the above situation, our company developed for each automatic electric field and magnetic field configuration algorithm, Which is,  basing  on  the  open  gap  of  the  vacuum  chamber  to  form  the  electric  field  and  basing  the electric  field , the  diameter  of  the  vacuum  chamber  and  the material of  the  shield  cover  to  form  the  magnetic  field  in order to ionize .
    Lots of testing data shows that: by using this technology the vacuum chamber that diameter belongs to 30mm-200mm and vacuum degree in the 1.0*10^-5~1.0*10^-1 can be reliable magnetization discharge ionization current, after calibration the vacuum value can accurately measure.

1.Test automatically: scanned the barcode, the instrument will automatically configure the parameters, just clicking to complete the test. 

2. Convenient data management and report form: product model data base, high voltage and magnetic field values that asked during test and the conversion expression of the relationship between the ionization current and the vacuum pressure needed parameters included in the software. Test result including product model, code, time, ionization current, pressure value, etc. It is easy to check or type report.
3. Intelligent adjustment: Basing parameters like material, size of the chamber, intelligent adjustment module controls magnetic field by controlling charge-voltage magnitude to get ionization current.
4. Self-regulating high-pressure generation system can correspond to different distance from the arc chamber, in accordance with the system instructions in the range of 0-28KV intelligent adjustment.

5. High accuracy current signal acquisition system high-speed acquisition the testing signal, processing data and deliver to computer.
   Ionization charge sampling technique
   Disposal of leakage current
   Distinguish entirely-leak vacuum interrupter
   Through the high-pressure breakdown method to distinguish whether the vacuum  circuit breaker is completely leaked.                                       
  PC control measuring, leakage rate calculation and forming measuring data-base.
  Equipped complete measuring curves of vacuum interrupter at home and abroad.
  Perfect input protection circuit.
  Add electronic field and magnetic field self-adaptive function.

Measuring scope: 1 × 10^-5 ~ 1 × 10^-1 Pa

Measuring discrepancy: in 1 × 10^-4 ~ 1 × 10^-1 Pa, error < 10%
Measuring resolving power: 10^-5 Pa
Outside diameter: 30~200mm
High voltage: 0~28KV
Magnetic control voltage: 300~1400V
Gap: 1.5~60mm
Electric breakdown will occur while measuring leak VI
Permit ambient temperature: 0ºC ~ 55ºC
Humidity: < 85%RH
Power source: AC 220 ± 10%


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